DevHacks #1


We are organizing this hackathon to encourage the community to learn and practice together. We want you to work on and share exciting projects with others. Embrace the community; ask for help when you get stuck. There are no stupid questions!


Make something new.

Make something small.

Try a new idea.

Make something useful or something really fun.

Make something the community could try and experiment with right after the hackathon is over.



1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be voted on by the participants of the hackathon.

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

DETA Team's pick:

A project that will be chosen by DETA's team.



Important messages and announcements will only happen in #devhacks. Make sure to join there.


Projects are to be submitted by sending them to between May 1st 5 PM UTC and 4th May 1PM UTC

The submission must contain these details:

To update your project, you could send another email with the new details. This is allowed until May 4th at 1PM UTC.

I will send you an email confirmation once I get your submission.

DETA Access

To be eligible for the $200 extra prize and for the “DETA Team's pick” prize, you need to use the DETA runtime as part of your project. DETA is currently in private beta, to get access, send an email to to get an account (everyday between 7am - 8pm UTC).

DETA is a cloud computer designed to be super simple for individuals and small teams to get their ideas running in the cloud. DETA includes a Python and Node.js runtime, provides API endpoints out of the box, and includes a config-less database, filestore, cron, email, and permissions service.